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Hi, I'm Joseph, a UX/UI designer and

Webflow Developer

UX/UI designer from Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Lecturer of the Webflow Developer course

Teaching web design and Webflow


Changing the no-code development strategy in Ukraine


The war in Ukraine has had a significant impact on the creative industries. The transition to Webflow changed the strategy of no-code development in favor of less code. Designers and teams have the opportunity to work on the design, development, and launch of a project within a visual interface.

From now on, the new vector of development of the Ukrainian digital market requires new specialists - Webflow developers.


Why designers and teams choose Webflow

Webflow is used by more than 3,500,000 designers and teams to create, collaborate on, and scale beautiful websites in a completely visual canvas — no coding needed.

Learn about the benefits of Webflow that will be useful for you.

Front-End without coding
Become a front-end developer without learning any code. Work in a visual code editor with access to your design.
Responsive design 10x
Create responsive layouts with an incredible 10x speed thanks to the auto scale feature.
CMS collections
Create databases and CMS for product collections on your own. Manage and change content on hundreds of pages at once.
Increase your average check
With Webflow, you can create both design and databases. You can increase your average check accordingly.
A living style guide
The place where your design, CSS styles, elements, and components live. This will significantly speed up the design process.
Webflow doesn't limit your creativity. Create stunning animations and interactions without limits.
Almost all of the platform's functionality is available for free testing until the project is published.
Quick product launching
Compared to its counterparts, Webflow makes it possible to significantly speed up product and business development and launch.
Thanks to the functionality and capabilities of Webflow, the business has gained complete independence from developers and outsourcing.
Webflow allows you to focus on marketing and product promotion, removing unnecessary hassles from your business.
Webflow has all the necessary tools and integrations (over 860+) to build a successful online sales business.
Thanks to Webflow, businesses can quickly scale their projects and enter new European markets.
No need to know the code
Become a front-end developer without learning any code. Ideal for beginners without any previous experience.
Short learning period
Compared to classic front-end courses, Webflow Bootcamp takes 1 month.
As a Webflow developer, you can work from anywhere in the world, without being tied to a place of work.
High salary
Webflow developers are a highly demanded profession. Salaries can exceed the level of front-end developers.
A creative profession
Since this is a creative profession that does not require coding, you will enjoy your work a lot.
Start in IT
Prepare yourself for a career in IT. Product teams are already hiring Webflow Developer graduates.

Who is a Webflow Developer

Webflow Developer is a creative profession that combines the technical skills of a web developer with the creative work of an interface designer.

No previous experience or coding required to start a career as a Webflow developer.

UI Designer

Join the course and start a new career as a Webflow Developer

Many designers are looking for expertise, training materials, and practical guides.

To help you learn new technical skills and start a new career, I have created a course together with Choice31, an online university, where I teach the basics of web design and Webflow live.

Together with the Choice31 online university, we are very pleased to have the opportunity to help Ukrainians acquire new technical skills.

We are joined by students from all over Ukraine, as well as from Poland, the UK, and others.


Kyiv, Ukraine


I must say that Kobi (the lecturer) pays a lot of attention to the material, answers questions to the smallest detail and covers even small topics. You can also see that Kobi wants to give a meaningful basis and a base in general on layout, so that you can understand beyond webflow what is going on in HTML and CSS in general, and how to build websites correctly.


Vinnytsia, Ukraine


I've always wanted to do something creative, but it so happened that I've been working as an office manager in a private clinic for three years. One day I saw an advertisement and came to a Choice31 webinar about Webflow. Yes, it looked a bit complicated and I was actually afraid. But I took the course anyway: I have never regretted it. Now I have posted my portfolio and am collecting cases to add to it. Now I am proud to call myself a Webflow Developer


Zhytomyr, Ukraine


First of all, I want to say thank you for your efforts. I liked the format of the course, because everyone made the layout for their own layout, that is, as close as possible to a real project. It's cool that the lectures were in the form of a workshop, so you immediately understand the logic of actions and tools. Yosyp is very good at conveying information. He repeats it if necessary and makes sure everyone understands everything. After the course, I had only positive impressions. I did not regret taking your course. Thank you very much!


Lviv, Ukraine


The course is very practical, and the lecturer is just wow. It was quite difficult at first, but everyone on the course is very friendly and helps with everything. I like networking in the chat room, you can ask any question and get an answer. There are both beginners and more experienced people in our group. It's great that the course program is designed to be useful and interesting for people with different levels. Thank you!


Kraków, Poland


I am an SMM manager working in Poland. I manage pages for several businesses. Design has always been a hobby of mine, but I didn't do it professionally. I made pictures in Canva, worked a little in Figma. During the course, I managed to learn Webflow so that I could take on my first project. Now I plan to turn Webflow into my main job.


Khmelnytsky, Ukraine


Incredibly cool course! I got the basics of the basics. With such a base, I can only go forward! Joseph is a very strong and intelligent lecturer who presented the material very easily and meaningfully. THANK YOU VERY MUCH


Kremenchuk, Ukraine


Thank you for the Choice 31 course, and especially to Joseph Kobal (not a lecturer, but a dream). Webflow is no longer an "incomprehensible space machine", but a cool tool for implementing my ideas, which I really missed.


Kyiv, Ukraine


I really liked how attentively Joseph approached each question, explaining and understanding. And in general, the theory, the live sessions - everything is very cool.


Kyiv, Ukraine


I really liked the course, Joseph is a great lecturer, everything is clear.

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