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Webflow Update 2022: an overview of the updates you should know about
Joseph Kobal

From the Memberships beta to Made in Webflow and everything in between, here's a quick look at the major updates from Webflow in the first half of the year.

Webflow Update 2022: an overview of the updates you should know about
Joseph Kobal

From the Memberships beta to Made in Webflow and everything in between thanks to the efforts of the platform's product team, here's a quick overview of the main updates from Webflow over the half-year.

The list of product updates that I'll talk about in this post:

  • Beta version of Webflow Memberships (a module for content monetization)
  • Made in Webflow
  • Limited role of the designer
  • WebP support and built-in conversion tool
  • Webflow CMS update
  • Features that allow you to create stunning interfaces

Webflow Memberships (Beta)

Let me remind you that in June 2022, Webflow opened beta testing for their new module - Webflow Memberships. Now you can create an exclusive experience for your users by monetizing branded content and managing access to it right in Webflow.  

What are the features of Webflow Memberships?

create subscriptions: with different access groups and tariff plans, and allow your users to choose from a range of payment options.
Manage subscribers and users using a centralized admin panel (dashboard), a built-in system of automated customer lifecycle emails, self-management of user accounts, and customizable form data fields.
Connect user data with other systems, such as CRM.

Who should consider Webflow Membership in more detail?

Businesses that distribute groups of goods/services that should be accessed through the customer's personal account.
ed-tech startups, where the functionality of the student's personal account is important, as well as the ability to customize different levels of access to paid content or individual courses within the site.
personal blogs with monetized content, etc.

Made in Webflow

This is a place where you can view the work of designers and Webflow developers from around the world and get inspired to create your own project. The Webflow team has also made it possible to quickly find projects thanks to a convenient filter and categories, such as: Blog, CMS, Interactions, Animations, etc. Here you can also clone individual elements of the site you like and use it in your own project.

All in all, it's a kind of Behance by Webflow for the community of designers and Webflow developers from all over the world.

If you need to convince your boss, team leader, or your team, I recommend showing them Made in Webflow to demonstrate what you can achieve with this platform. Bookmark it and get inspired!

The limited role of the designer

When you work in a team, you realize how important it is to have different roles and access levels for different team members. This way, you reduce the risk that someone will make changes that could disrupt the design of your site.

With this in mind, Webflow has introduced a limited designer role for Workspace plan customers: Webflow Enterprise and Enterprise Partners.

Source: Webflow

Team members with this role can safely create pages using existing projects, with limited modification of existing classes and symbols.

WebP support and built-in conversion tool

The wait is over - WebP images are now supported in Webflow. Instead of using heavier file formats such as JPG or PNG, WebP is significantly more optimized, allowing your site to load faster and rank higher in search engines while maintaining the same quality.

In addition, now in Webflow, in the <Aseets> panel, when you select an image, you have the option to convert it to WebP right in the designer interface! Cool, right?

Webflow CMS update

What is included in the update:

improved speed of publishing projects with a large amount of content.
The ability to cancel the publication of individual CMS elements instead of republishing the entire site has been introduced.
Finally, the TLS hosting configuration has been updated to support TLS 1.3, the most secure encryption protocol for modern browsers. This means that everyone who visits your site will connect faster and have a more secure connection.

Additional features

  1. You can now apply superscript and subscript formatting to your text. Previously, adding such formatting required embedding complex custom code or CSS. Now it is an available feature in the designer.
  2. You can now adjust the distance between elements in Flexbox. Instead of adding additional <margin> or <padding> manually, you can now change the indents in the CSS of a flex model right in the Designer.
  3. Text scale preview feature. Now you can preview layouts with different text sizes. This way, you can get a complete picture of how your site looks to users who use text scaling.
  4. Improved <background video> element; now you can add a play/pause button to the <background video> elements on your website and set up loop and autoplay options for them.
  5. The new Duplicate ID Audit feature allows you to use the audit panel to detect duplicate IDs in character instances - this will help you quickly and easily identify and avoid any potential errors.

Source: Webflow


Considering the updates, we can see that in a fairly short period of time, Webflow has removed a number of restrictions from designers and developers around the world. The major updates demonstrate, on the one hand, the integrated approach of the product team, and on the other hand, a clear relationship between the request of Webflow users and the end result. A striking example is WebP support and the ability to conveniently convert graphic essays without leaving the Designer interface. Anyone who works with Webflow content layout and optimization on a daily basis understands the value of this update.

The active testing of the Webflow Memberships module is also a positive signal for the Ukrainian market, as it opens up new opportunities for the implementation and launch of new ed-tech products.

For those who are just getting acquainted with the platform, Made in Webflow will be the last argument in favor of making a decision to switch to Webflow.

Expanding access to the Designer has become a real treat for product and marketing teams, as it allows them to attract more teammates and speed up the development and launch of new landing pages and products.

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